Monday, July 25, 2011

Honeymoon Time!

I need to make this short because I have a long list of things to do, and my time is dwindling!

We leave in 26 hours for our 11 day trip to paradise. FIJI! When leaving work on Friday (July 22nd) I couldn't believe that I wouldn't be back until August 9th. August 9th? That's insane! That's incredible! That's enough time to forget I have a job!

We are super excited to get out of cloudy, chilly, dreary Portland and partake in some sun and warm, clear waters. Portland typically has fantastical summers but this year has been nothing to write home about. Seriously. Just ask Sad Keanu. It's been a joke.

I decided to check the weather in Fiji, just in case. April through November is their dry season and is also considered their Winter. I assumed that the weather would be great - not too hot, sunny, cooler at night, etc. Well, GUESS WHAT? Rain and thunderstorms predicted for the next 10 days. AHHHHH!!! I can't escape it!!!! I am hoping that it will be tropical, exotic rainstorms that last mere minutes before the wind gods whoosh them away with their all-powerful breezes. I guess I need to keep my fingers crossed. Playing cards inside our hut in Fiji is certainly cooler than playing cards inside our house in Portland.

Regardless of what happens, we feel lucky to even be taking this trip. We will be going to two separate islands, so if it sucks in one place, we hope we can make up for it at the second one. And since we are going for what seems like an eternity, it can't be cloudy and rainy every day. Can it?

I also need to remember that the weather on our wedding day was picture perfect out of a dream sun shiny flowers exploding mind melting incredible. So at least I have that to remember forever.

Here is where we are staying first, for 3 nights:

Aaannnnddd here is where we are staying for a luxurious 7 days:

So, honesty, there is no complaining from me.  See you next month!

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  1. I hope that lady won't be using your shower, though! Have a fantastic time... I'm jealous! How was it already seven years ago that we took our Honeymoon? I need another one.